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Ann Fonfa

Remembering EnergyPoints SAB Member Ann Fonfa: Champion of Integrative Oncology and Natural Cancer Care

Ann Fonfa
Integrative Oncology Pioneer Ann Fonfa

Ann Fonfa’s Unforgettable Journey and Contributions

With profound sadness and heavy hearts, we share the loss of Ann Fonfa, a guiding light on the EnergyPoints Scientific Advisory Board and an unwavering advocate for integrative oncology. Her journey from a cancer survivor to the founder of The Annie Appleseed Project showcases a legacy of advocacy, offering hope and complementary healing paths to those battling cancer.

Discovering a Force for Patient Advocacy: Meeting Ann Fonfa

At a Society for Integrative Oncology Conference, I was deeply impressed by an attendee’s insightful questions and strong patient advocacy. Her dynamism at the microphone caught my attention, marking her as a formidable advocate. Unbeknownst to me, this was Ann Fonfa, a recent addition to our Scientific Advisory Board.

Having only spoken with her and not meeting her in person, I had no idea the advocate at the mic was already part of our team. Realizing it was Ann, I felt excited and proud, looking forward to her impact on EnergyPoints. Our post-session introduction and warm hug began a valuable friendship and collaboration. A distinguished EnergyPoints’ Scientific Advisory Board member, Ann was known for her prompt replies and contributions to enhancing and spreading the word about our app.

Her initiative in promoting EnergyPoints through newsletters and inviting us to conferences was invaluable. In addition, Ann’s Letters of Support for our National Cancer Institute (NCI) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant proposals, as a patient advocate willing to use her platform and communication channels to enhance and disseminate our app, strengthened each submission.

The Annie Appleseed Project: Pioneering Natural Cancer Strategies

Ann Fonfa’s pioneering work began with her own battle against cancer, inspiring her to establish The Annie Appleseed Project. She dedicated herself to promoting natural cancer strategies, challenging the conventional cancer treatment narrative, and advocating for a plant-based diet to aid recovery. Her contributions resonated far beyond her organization, making her a prominent figure in the cancer advocacy community.

Ann Fonfa’s Advocacy for Integrative Oncology and Patient Rights

Her collaboration with EnergyPoints and various cancer support initiatives underscored her commitment to holistic health and patient empowerment. Ann’s profound insights and contributions have been pivotal in shaping resources that align with the real needs of cancer patients and survivors.

Ann Fonfa’s Contributions to Cancer Care Continue

In mourning Ann Fonfa, we also celebrate her remarkable journey and the lives she has touched. Ann’s legacy of community strength, advocacy, and compassion remains a beacon of inspiration. We vow to continue her mission, advocating for comprehensive cancer care and support.

Ryan J. Smith, CEO
For a deeper insight into Ann’s impactful life and work, visit her tributes, obituary, and bio:

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