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5 Point App, Inc. is a small business and certified B corporation, founded in 2017

We developed EnergyPoints, our mobile health software, to help cancer patients self-manage fatigue and sleep deficiency.

Our mission is to improve the health and overall quality of life for cancer patients, and those affected by other illnesses, through evidence-based, self-care techniques that pair ancient wisdom with modern technology.

Technology for your well being

Our vision combines technology with acupressure methods to provide cancer patients and caregivers with scientifically validated acupressure tools that help ease symptoms of fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety, pain, and depression.

5 Point App Team

Dr. Susan L. Beck

Susan Larsen Beck


Chief Scientific and Privacy Officer

Ryan J. Smith

Ryan Smith

M.S., Dipl. Ac., L. Ac.

Founder and CEO

Arthur Mandell

Arthur Mandel


Chief Operating Officer

5 Point App Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides 5 Point App with strategic guidance to further its research-based enterprise.
Richard Dickens

Richard Dickens


Former Director of Client Advocacy, CancerCare, New York, NY

Katie Wolf

Katie Wolf


Vice President of IT Change Management, Beth Israel Lahey Healthcare

Ruthann Russo

Ruthann Russo


SOHL7, Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Marlene Meyers

Marleen Meyers


Medical Oncologist, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, New York, NY

Dr. Judith Jacobson

Judith Jacobson


Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY

Ann Fonfa

Ann Fonfa

Founder/Director, Annie Appleseed Project

Online patient information and advocacy organization, based in Delray Beach, FL

Claire Cassidy

Claire M. Cassidy

PhD, DiplAc, LAc

Paradigms Found Consulting, Bethesda, MD

Our Hero Wall

Thank you to all of our EnergyPoints IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign! Your contributions launched us and we will be forever grateful for your support!

Joiwind Lowe
Trevor Standen
Richard Dickens
Richard Slater
Lynn M Leopold
José Rolón
Greg Slack
Richard Fabris
Mark Sikes
Tyler Laswell
Tim Knowling
Tara Williams
Jessica Wagner
Christie Higuera
Maggie Harrington-Esko
James Morrissey
Matthew Shelley
Stacey Tauriello
Bill Goeren
Viva Max Kaley
Gloria Genna
Christine Mundy
Gwen Harvey
Deena Kimiatek
Thomas Curcio
Josh Rosenzweig
Paul Getsos
Ron Burrage
Annie Neisen
Keshlay Lacey
Sarah Romney
Tamar Amitay
Jason Linde
Eric Yves Garcia
Kristian Marcial
Kristen Salomon
Kelly Garry
Cliff S Schneider
Henry Gamerman
Eric Lituchy
Janet Sheehan Quinn
Stuart Bayer
Brett Semenetz
Dianna ODoherty
Jeremy Bressler
Desi Santiago
Paul Ciarcia
Eric Patton
Chuck Saculla
Rosanna Smith
Yotam Kafri
Diane Gjelaj
Josh Doyle
Spencer Leuenberger
RJ Williams
Tova Searleman
Bee Bosnak
Elijah Shannon Selby
Mario Figueroa
Erica Ng
Amy Cripps
Sean Kirouac
Rebecca Thiede
Adrena Austin
Damian Walek
Maria Messina
Sharon Becker
Johanna Wise
Ranardo-Domeico Grays
Ryan Smith
Arash C. Eslami
Aaron Pierce
Tara Todras-Whitehill
Michael R Nerenberg
Alexandra Cohen
Julianna Gillespie
Marsha Semon
Erin Oglesby
Dani Nodelman
David Ofenloch
Satu Greenberg
Anthony C Boehm
Peter Conn
Jordan Metzger
Katrina Trisko
Michelle Bombacie
Melanie Gorton
Carol Offman
Ashley Binford
Danielle Gamble
Ellen Calinoff
Harriet Zaffoni
Arthur Mandell
Steven Conyers
Tamara Lazic Strugar
Lauren Langsner
Ken Green
O Zhang
Bryan Murphy
Lynn M Leopold
Lisa Seibold-Winder
Amy Alvarez
Daniel LaBree
Laura Palumbo
Joey Smith
Ida Zakin
Debra Driscoll
Lisa Zahiya
John Bennett
Emre Yilmaz
Angela O’Neil
Jihan Marcotullio
Amanda Forstrom
Betty O’Neil
Liz Ramamurthy
Karl Beck
Kym Garrett
Dave Grant
Greg Slack
Jeanie Engelbach
Christie Bennett
Susan Yinkey
Rosanna Smith
Zach Amit
Carmela Bennett
Jessica Radetsky
Peter Dressel
Susan Beck
Sadi Artioli
David Michael Garry
Mingxiao Yang
Martin McKeon
Anthony Yankowski
Julia Mack
Billy J Young Jr
Hershel Feldman
Carey Davis
Karen Parry
Jeffrey Pasternack
Anatoliy Chistov
Eric Lorenzo
Penny McNerney
Austin Van Allan
Adam Winokur
Conrad Strabone
Ciaran Strong
Ronald Burrage
Helen Todd
Charles Rosenbaum
Amy Noelle
Jodi MacLeod
Beth Russell
Bill Kerwood
Brendan Thorson
Paul Loesel
Jeffrey Bernard
Danya Rogers-Cohan
Alexander Acker
Gabi Rondel Pizarro
Stephen Michael Rondel
Jeffrey Bernard
Antonio Castel Bronco
Kathleen Yocum

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