Cancer Survivors: Reduce Fatigue & Improve Sleep

Get this easy-to-use app to manage symptoms with guided, evidence-based acupressure rituals

Cancer symptom management app with acupressure

EnergyPoints is an app that motivates and guides cancer survivors to use daily acupressure to manage fatigue and sleep issues. Our team comprises integrative medicine and cancer symptom experts who have designed EnergyPoints to support survivors in taking an active role in their self-management.


Evidence-based acupressure learning

Our learning platform guides survivors through acupressure practice with easy-to-follow instructions, including text, images, and video. We have validated the accuracy of our acupressure instructions.


EnergyPoints App: How it Works

Help your loved ones manage cancer symptoms with EnergyPoints App. By contributing, you can improve their energy and sleep, making it easier for them to recover and return to their lives.


EnergyPoints makes tracking progress motivating.

Track your progress with daily symptom surveys and weekly PROMIS measures of symptoms and overall health. Sync with Apple Watch or Fitbit for more accurate tracking and sharing.

Visual progress summaries, including line and polar graphs, can be shared with providers.
Step-by-step app tutorials with in-app videos make it easy to use EnergyPoints App.