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A guided, step-by-step approach to using acupressure on your own

Our platform teaches step-by-step acupressure techniques through guided videos, images, and text. Learn through effective rituals that help you cultivate a daily acupressure habit for lasting results.



  • No use of needles
  • No risk of infection
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Can be done anywhere

Acupressure consists of applying physical pressure with fingers or a device to small locations on the body called acupoints.

Like acupuncture, these points are based on health practices from Traditional East Asian Medicine, but unlike acupuncture, needles are unnecessary.

Researchers have found that this type of acupressure helps cancer patients with their fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

Our app’s follow-along format demonstrates how to apply pressure to acupoints in real time—so you can help your body find the energy or relaxation it needs.

App features

Daily guided acupressure

  • For Cancer Survivors
    For Cancer Survivors

    Daily tasks can be extremely challenging for those suffering from chronic fatigue. Self-care techniques can help relieve your symptoms at home, during a chemo session, or even in the hospital waiting room. EnergyPoints integrates the PROMIS measures—developed by the National Institutes of Health—to evaluate, monitor, and promote patient wellbeing. With automatic acupressure and symptom tracking, step-by-step tutorials, and daily reminders, EnergyPoints is here to support you through your symptoms.

  • For Caregivers
    For Caregivers

    The EnergyPoints App supports cancer patients and caregivers alike. The benefits of acupressure help promote overall wellbeing and can ease the symptoms of fatigue.

  • For Researchers
    For Researchers

    The EnergyPoints App facilitates ongoing research with built-in data collection capabilities, providing opportunities for continuous learning and improvement.

  • For Healthcare Providers
    For Healthcare Providers

    EnergyPoints App helps people with cancer learn safe and effective self-care techniques without the need for professional training. We strive to empower patients with healthcare tools that promote self-reliance, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

  • For Everyone
    For Everyone

    We comply with all federal privacy laws and use a secure, password-protected interface to ensure your health information stays safe. You always have authorization over the data you share. If you do choose to share your data with us, you will contribute to the further development of our research and innovation.

  • Easy to use. Supported by research.
    Easy to use. Supported by research.

    Stimulating and Relaxing acupressure rituals can reduce cancer-related fatigue and improve quality of life. Use essential oils like lavender and peppermint with acupressure methods to further enhance the process. The 5 Point App teaches self-care techniques with easy-to-follow videos and provides handy reminders so you'll always know when it's time for a boost.

  • Discover it for yourself.
    Discover it for yourself.

    Try your hand at acupressure with the EnergyPoints App today.

Upcoming Features

  • Shared Data
    Shared Data

    You will have the option to share your data with clinicians and your healthcare team to develop a more personalized care plan.

  • More Symptom Monitoring
    More Symptom Monitoring

    EnergyPoints app will measure and report other symptoms like anxiety, depression, and pain.

  • Personalization

    EnergyPoints App will offer more options to personalize your experience through music, guided imagery, and breathing exercises.

  • Community

    Social connection and community support features will allow you to connect with other cancer patients and share experiences.

  • Group Discussion
    Group Discussion

    The new social feature will let users share their experience using the app and share resources for managing symptoms.

  • Compatibility

    The app will sync with more types of fitness trackers.

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Common issues for cancer patients

  • Cancer Related Fatigue

    Most of 1.9 million Americans diagnosed with cancer in 2022 will suffer cancer and treatment related symptoms. Up to 90% receiving treatment experience can related fatigue; 30% may experience long-lasting fatigue.

  • Sleep Deficiency

    Affecting up to 3 in 4 patients, sleep deficiency contributes to poor health.

  • Inability to Exercise

    While exercise is recommended for cancer-related fatigue, physical exertion may be difficult for some patients, especially those living with chronic fatigue.

Barriers to widespread use of acupressure

  • Cost

    Acupressure administered by an acupuncturist is not reimbursed

  • Qualified Practitioners

    Too few qualified clinicians to train patients in accurate acupressure stimulation

  • Access

    Direct access to millions of patients is lacking.